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Personal Tax Services

Canada’s tax system is complex and enormous. Anyone who tried filling out their self-assessment tax return knows how  potentially frustrating it is. That’s why Whether you are a new comer to Canada or establishes residence, we can help you with your personal income tax return or self-assessment preparation and filing needs.


We have the experience helping individuals and families like you with different occupations and circumstance complete personal tax return or self-assessment successfully. Our objective is helping you make an informed choice, knowing your best interests are being taken care of by IFTIN Accounting.

Important Tax Filing Dates


Personal Tax:   Every Year - On the 30th of April

Self Employed: Every Year - On the 15th of June

Corporation:     Every Year -  No later than six months after the end of each tax year.

For example, if your tax year ends march 31st, your filing due date is September 30th.

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